After writing my last post on what ten clothing items are vacation essentials, I thought it only fitting to share my beach makeup survival kit. This isn’t day at the beach makeup,but more like the products I’d pack if going on a getaway.So after careful deliberation ,I chose the below fab five. I took a logical approach to this challenge, and picked the products that I would actually need and use when getting my vacation on.After all,the last thing anyone needs is another summer makeup collage with some tinted lip balm ,a cheek stain,and mascara thrown in for good measure.( Girl,I have stuff to hide!)So without further ado,here it is:

island makeup

1.The Loroc Pro Palate: I absolutely can’t say enough good things about this palate. The looks you could do with this single palate are endless.It also doesn’t hurt that the pigmentation is so rich,and the texture is creamy .And bonus,you can use the champagne shadow as a highlight.

2.Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream: This is one of the only BB creams out there that actually can cover imperfections. Day to day I like a medium coverage foundation,because out of it you can go heavier or lighter depending on your needs. Unfortunately, bright sunlight can make heavier foundations look absolutely awful. Enter Smashbox BB cream. It blends into your skin flawlessly,and doesn’t look fake in strong sunlight.

3.NYX Concealer In A Jar: I  picked this wonder of a concealer not just because it can cover random spots,but because it’s creamy enough to deal with dark circles. I use this everyday,and I continually choose it over some of my more pricey products.

4. Benefit They’re Real Mascara: It just works so well. It doesn’t take you twenty minutes applying 10 coats,and yet it manages to separate every lash. I love,love,LOVE this!

5.Elf Bronzer and Blush duo in St Lucia: I’ve been using this as both as my contour,and bronzer for years. Its mostly matte,with very subtle shimmer. It doesn’t hurt that the blush is gorgeous,or the fact that it cost $3.00.


And finally….



As I get ready to go away on summer vacation, I have been rummaging  through my favorite websites to find perfect beach ware. With any trip you go on, you want to be prepared,yet practical. So I proposed a challenge:What if I could only take ten clothing items? If you want to see my “deserted island” wishlist,read on.

beach ware 2

1.A Chunky Knit Sweater– You can throw it over your bathing suit as a cover up, or rock it with linen pants. I love the light pastels of this one pictured above. VS Linen Tunic Sweater available here

2. White linen pants– These can go from day to night in a snap, and there so light and breezy,its like wearing pj’s.VS The Beach Pant in Linen available here

beach ware 1 (2)

3.A Frilly Bathing Suit– This mint two piece is simple enough to mix with other patterned bikinis,yet looks fab on its own. Take a jump off the deep end and look oh so cute!  Billabong Deven Triangle Top and Deven Stringer Bottoms available here

4.A Multipurpose tote– I love that this bag is stylish enough to work away from those sandy shores. It also doesn’t hurt that this can double as your beach bag.Ralph Lauren Gardiner Tote available here

Beach ware 3 (2)

5.Cotton sun dress–  Hanging out in the sun all day? Throw this breezy sundress over your bathing suit and your instantly ready for wherever the night may take you.VS The Beach Dress available here

6.Gold rimmed aviator sunglasses– I am always amazed at how easily these dress up anything. Put you hair up in a sleek top knot and throw theses on, you instantly look like a celebrity. Ray-ban Large Metal Aviator Sunglasses available here

7. Floral Maxi Dress– Between the cutout details to sweet floral pattern this Maxi dress should be an all around summer staple. ASOS Oh My Love Cami Maxi Dress available here

Beach ware 4 (2)

8.Chambray shirt– This is probably the most worn item I own.  It’s just so  effortless,and goes with just about anything. Throw it over a maxi dress,with jean shorts,or just over your two piece and it works.J Crew Keeper Chambray Shirt available here

9.Distressed jean shorts– An old standby that always works. I really love fray detail of the ones pictured above,a great way to beat those summer rays.True Religion Joey Cutoff Shorts available here

10.Simple sandals– I love these nude t-strap sandals by Sam Edleman. There comfortable,classic,and make your legs look miles long. Sam Edleman Gigi Sandals available here


And finally….




new brush roll 5 (2)

With summer here and many of us packing up to head on vacation, I put together a DIY project to organize your makeup brushes. This brush roll is so easy to make, and is a fraction of what it costs to buy one. My favorite thing about this project is you can create it however you want! So put on your design hat, and get to work!


1 yard of any fabric of your choice

A glue gun and glue sticks

1/2 yard of any ribbon of your choice

1 zipper (optional)

1 fabric bow (optional)


1. Cut two 16X16(inch) pieces of your fabric .

2. Cut one 16×9(16 inches across X 9 inches high) piece of fabric

3. Place your two 16x16in.fabric squares with the pattern facing in.

4. Place a line of glue across the bottom of the square .You should be gluing the patterned part of your fabric together, with the blank side facing up.

5. Repeat this step up both of the sides


6. Wait until glue is dry, and flip right side out .It should look like a square pillow case with the top open.

new brush roll 1 (2)

7. Lay your square down flat and measure about 10 inches up from the bottom (enough space for your brushes to stand up)

8. Place straight pins right above this line to give yourself a point of reference

9. Open up your square so that you’re looking down inside, and place a line of glue right below the straight pins you just marked. This creates the flap that will cover your brushes.

10. To make a pocket out of the flap that covers the brushes, first measure the length of your zipper. (Measure a space long enough for the actual zipper, not the fabric surrounding it)

11. Mark the length, and cut one long straight line for your zipper.

12. You now should have a straight cut in the center of the flap. On each side of your cut, make two very small cuts at the ends. Make one on both the top and bottom fabric of where you’re putting the zipper. It just needs to be enough to fold the fabric over and get a finished seam. It should look like a long H.


new brush roll 2 (2)

13. Flip each edge on the top and bottom inward and glue.

14. Position your zipper inside the opening and glue finished edges to the fabric of the zipper.


new brush roll 3 (2)

15. Fold the final side of you square inward, and glue edges. At this time you should have a square with four finished sides and the upper portion in a pocket.

16. Gather your 16X9 piece of fabric from earlier and fold each of the four sides over and glue. You now have four finished edges.

17. Place (but do not glue) your 16X9 piece of fabric1 inch from the bottom of your square. It should be centered but 1/2 inch closer to the right side. This will account for the fabric used to create the brush pockets. See diagram below.


demo roll_1 (2)

18. Glue the left edge of your 16×9 piece to the bottom front of your square, where we previously positioned it.

19. Next grab a old pencil, or something that approximates the size of the brush slot you want to create. Fold the 16×9 piece over exposing the inside of the left edge you just glued. Now place your pencil flush with the glued edge.

20. Make a vertical line of glue down the fabric, just left of where you placed your pencil. Unfold fabric over the pencil and push into line of glue. Quickly slide out the pencil before glue dries. This creates a slot.

21. Continue across making as many brush slots as fabric will allow. I used the pencil with half of my fabric, and then used a empty lip gloss tube to create larger brush slots with the other half. Glue down left edge, and bottom.


new brush roll 4 (2)

22. Flip over so that the backside of brush roll is facing up. Take ribbon and glue in the center. I then used a silk bow to cover where I glued the ribbon down. Roll up and tie!

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below. Many safe summer travels!

And finally….




When it comes to high end makeup,I’ve done my research.And by research I mean shamelessly fawning all over any product to ever grace those department store shelves. Because of my incessant appetite for upscale cosmetics and my poor self control  ,you are in luck! I’ve thrown together a list of five high end products that actually have a leg up on their cost effective competition.Here it is:

makeup collage 21.Benefit they’re Real Mascara-$23.00 and can be purchased here.

What I love: Its an all around great mascara. I really didn’t want to love this a much as I did,because lets face it $23 dollars for mascara is pretty steep in my world .It adds volume,length,and separates.And the more I used it,the more I loved it.Believe the hype ,its just that good!

2.The Balm Mari-Lou Manizer-$24.00 and can be purchased here.

What I love: This is my all time favorite highlighter. Its manages to give you a candlelit glow where ever you go! I really love how this highlights your cheekbones without making your pores look like the texture of the moon.

3.The Urban Decay Naked Palate-$50.00 and can be purchased here.

What I love:These eye shadows go on like butter baby! With mixes of golds,coppers,champagnes,and rich chocolates, you really can’t go wrong. With shades like these, who doesn’t love to be naked?

4.Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars- $18.00 each and can be purchased here.

What I love: The pigmentation in these lip gloss-lipstick hybrids is really unsurpassed. You literally need a drop to do your entire mouth. I’m just wondering how OCC is going to stay in business because I can’t imagine anyone ever running out!

5.Mac Powder Blushes-$21.00 and can be purchased here.

What I love: With classics like Peachy Keen and Pink Swoon ,and an extensive line of these one pan wonders, anyone can find a color that suits them. The formulation is a never chalky,always pigmented powder that buffs into the skin like nobody’s business!

 And remember…..






With summer on my door step, Ive been inspired by warm bright colors,and simple breezy fabrics .I love the idea of keeping it light and airy for daytime with the addition of simple accessories,and then mixing in heavier textures and fabrics for night time .Here is my plan to beat the heat,and still look chic!

Look One: Day time Coolsummer must haves (2)

1.Vix Malawi Striped Jersey Maxi dress–  Very few pieces of clothing can look as effortlessly chic and still be as comfortable and easy to wear as P.J.’s.Get the look and shop this here.

2.Micheal Kors Gold Chronographic WatchThis jewelry gem is elegant and timeless and can be paired with just about anything!Get the look and shop this here.

3.Forever 21 Spike Pendant Necklace I love the simplicity of this necklace,yet it still manages to hold a certain edginess.And it’s so affordable!Get the look and shop it here.

4.Victoria Secret Embellished Thong SandalsThese beautiful turquoise sandals are like jewelry for you tootsies,only with the added benefit of being obscenely cozy.Get the look and shop it here.

5.L.L.Bean Linen Modal Cardigan in Coastal Dune–   This comfy sweater is perfect to thrown on  and run out the door.Great for fending off any chill,and still light weight enough for warmer months.Get the look and shop it here.

Night Time :Outstanding Additions

Additions collage (2)

1.Muubaa Leather JacketStay warm on those cool summer nights with this stunning cognac colored wonder.Take any outfit from drab to fab just by putting it on.Get the look and shop it here.

2.Jessica Simpson Catalina WedgesThrow on these beautiful wedges and your instantly ready for a night out.I love the gold hardware and the adjustable ankle strap .Get the look and shop it here.

3.Rebecca Minkoff Skylar Mini Cross-Body BagI am completely obsessed with this bag. She manages to take some of the seasons biggest trends and still makes it look timeless.Get the look and shop it here.



ballet flats (2)

DIY Tory Burch bow ballet flats

I recently saw a picture of these incredible Tory Burch ballet flats with stunning rhinestone bows. I absolutely fell in love with them,however the thought of dropping $250.00 on flats had me feeling less than amorous.  So instead, I decided to create my own . Here’s what you need to get started:

Materials :

A pair of plain ballet flats (mine were Mossimo for target and can be purchased here)

1/4 of a yard of Vinyl material (I purchased mine off the clearance table at Joann Fabrics but you can also get it here)

A hot glue gun and extra glue sticks( get one here)

Flat back rhinestones (available here)

Metal craft wire (available here)

A few straight pins -optional (available here)

a few small pieces of duct tape (available here)

An orange wood stick or something to make a hole with


Step 1: Cut two strips of fabric 2 ½ inches long X 1 ½ inches wide

Step 2: Pinch the center of the strip while wrapping the metal wire around several timesballet flats 1

Step 3: Cut  a thin piece of fabric for the center of the bow, long enough to cover the wire in the center approximately ½ inch X 1inch .You want to have enough extra when you wrap it around that you can glue it together.


Step 4: use your glue gun to glue the two end of the middle part of the bow together. Use a small straight pin to hold in place until it dries.ballet flats2

Step 5: use your glue gun to cover bow with rhinestones. You can glue them on anyway you want.

Step 6: Puncture two small holes about a ½ inch apart where you want the bow to sit. I recommend using a washable marker and doing it on both shoes to ensure they are even and where you want them first. To puncture the top of the shoes I rotated the pointed end of an orange wood stick until it made the holes.ballet flats 3

Step 7: you can attach these one of two ways: I took the same metal wire I used previously and looped it through the open part on the back of the bow and then just put one end through each hole and twisted on the inside, The only thing is you will need to flatten the wire flush on the inside of your shoe and then place some kind of tape (duck, electrical) so it doesn’t rub. Or you can do it easier by using a needle and thread and wrapping it around until you feel it is sturdy.

A few helpful tips:

Use an orangewood stick with some sticky tack on the end to help put the stones on before the hot glue dries.

When applying rhinestones work in very small sections so the glues doesn’t dry. You may also want to use a Popsicle stick to spread the glue out evenly.

After the middle piece of fabric is dry and you remove the pin, trim the excess fabric off to ensure it sits flat on your shoe.