If you’ve skimmed nail art on Pinterest any time in the last 6 months you would of noticed it is dominated by feather designs.  Lately, I have been noticing feathers everywhere. On clothes and accessories, painted on nails,and even incorporated in makeup looks.  Here’s my take on this easy whimsical look, and how I got it.

finished feather nails

What I used:

-Baby pink polish ( I made my own, but any will do) If you are interested in how to mix your own nail polish colors leave a comment below.

-Black striper polish ( I used It’s So Easy Stripe Rite polish in black) available here

-Silver striper polish ( I used It’s So Easy Stripe Rite glitter polish in silver) available here

– Top coat ( I used OPI Top Coat ) available here

-Base coat( I used CND Stickey Base Coat) available here


I started off by applying a base coat to all of my fingers to protect my natural nails. I then applied the baby pink  nail polish to all of my nails. Next, I used the black striper polish to create a curved line for the spine of the feather. I then made small quick feathery strokes starting at the spine and flicking out and downwards. This will create the feather. Don’t worry about being too precise, the more irregular it looks ,the more realistic it turns out.  I continued the feather design on all of my nails except my index and ring fingers. Next, I used the silver glitter polish to outline the spine of the feather and over my entire nail on my ring finger. I added top coat to protect the design, and this dainty design is complete.


As always….



Kurt Cobain, Scrunchies, Clueless, and plaid all have something in common. They all were devoured by the masses in the 90’s.  Seeing as everything old is new again, here’s my take on one of falls hottest trends. If the thought of going all out “grunge” is as intimidating as a Kid N’ Play hi top haircut, mix in a few of these plaid pieces to update your everyday wardrobe.

mad for plaid finished


1.Classic Plaid Pants-  Because the print on these pants is smaller, you can rock them as a neutral basic. I love these because you can dress them up with a slouchy grey Henley tee and a crisp wool blazer for work, or throw on combat boots,  a faded graphic tee, and a motorcycle jacket for running around town. You can purchase these here.

2. Tartan Plaid Nylon Cosmetic Bag- Not ready to look like you just raided Courtney Loves closet? Add a subtle dose of this fab print with this cosmetic bag. If you decide you want another dose of this decade, there’s just enough room for some black liner and burgundy lipstick.  You can purchase this here.

3.Cross the Byline Dress- I am slightly obsessed with this dress. I love that the print is oh so on trend, but the cut is timeless. You can purchase this here.

4.Frayed Tartan Plaid Scarf- I just purchased this the other day, and I doubt I’m going to be able to hold off for the cold weather.  The fabric is so soft, and is an easy way to spice up skinny jeans and a jacket. you can purchase this here.

5.Red Plaid Tartan Design Backpack- This is a perfect addition for the upcoming school year, and is functional way to rock this trend.  You can purchase this here.

6.Mango Plaid Heeled Shoes- I envision these with dark wash jeans, and a black blazer for a smart, sophisticated  look. Add a patent leather clutch and you will look more polished than punk.  you can purchase these here.

7.Scented Plaid Candle- Add a little 90’s love to your climate without becoming destitute.  I also love that you can reuse the tin long after your candles last flame.  You can purchase this here.


Regardless if you embrace this pattern or not remember….






So as of lately, I’ve been diving into the wonderful world of striping tape. I loved this design because it’s fast, easy, and anyone can do it. The picture really does not do it justice, the way the metallic striping tape shines next to the gold glitter polish is just oh so amazing. If your interested in how I got this look read on.

What I used:

Base coat


Black nail polish

Gold glitter polish

Gold striping tape

Cuticle scissors

To get started I primed my nails with my base coat. I then put two coats of black polish on all of my nails. Next, I used cuticle scissors to cut the striping tape to the length of my nail. You need to make sure the tape is not longer than you nail or it will pull up and peel off. Finish by filing in between the tape with your gold glitter polish, and topcoat!

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I’ve been obsessing over floral nails lately, and so with my polish in hand set out on a mission to conquer this current trend. If you love the look, and are interested in how I got it, read on.

floral and bow nail art

What I used:

Black nail polish

light pink acrylic paint

dark pink acrylic paint

light green acrylic paint

dark green acrylic paint

acrylic nails bows

nail glue

base and topcoat

a small detail paintbrush

I started by applying a base coat to my nails to prevent them from staining. Next, I applied two coats of black polish to all of my nails. I then painted circles on all of my fingers with the dark pink paint.  I also painted small oval shapes with the dark pink paint to fill in the gaps and create the rosebuds. I then used the light pink paint to draw small C-shapes in the middle of the roses, and to highlight the rosebuds. I then used the dark green paint to draw the leaves,and then highlighted the end with the light green paint. Topcoat your nails, and apply the bows using nail glue and your done!

And remember…..




Urban Decay Electric Palate

UD electic palate post




Since the launch of this palate a few months ago, I have been obsessed with these colors. This is obviously not an everyday palate, however you can use this in addition to everyday neutrals to spice up your summer look.  Urban Decay,  who is known for their Naked Palates more than anything else, really hit the mark when they introduced this neon stunner to the market. Unlike many bright makeup palates,  what you see is what you get. The pigmentation of every color is rich, velvety, and absolutely delicious.  If your in need of ideas or inspiration, read on to see what I came up with.






I used Slow-burn (a neon orange color) on the middle of the lid and blended it out into Urban (a true grape purple). I used urban to build up intensity, adding more color at the outer corner.

finished electric eye


I also used a highlighter (listed down below) in the inner corner,and blended it into Slow-burn. I applied a thin line of black liquid liner just to give definition, and then put on a few thousand coats of mascara. If your interested in what I used on the rest of my face, or where you can buy the products used keep reading.


Products I used:

NYX -Jumbo eye pencil in milk and can be purchased here

Urban Decay- Electric Pressed Pigment Palate and can be purchased here

L’Oreal -True Match foundation in N4 and W3 and can be purchased here

L’Oreal -True Match concealer in N6-7-8 and can be purchased here

NYX- Dark Circle Concealer in light and can be purchased here

Maybelline- Dream Lumi concealer in Ivory and can be purchased here

Rimmel- Stay Matte pressed powder in transparent and can be purchased here

MAC- blushes in Melba and Blunt and can be purchased here

The Balm- highlighter in Mary-Lou-Manizer and can be purchased here

L’Oreal- Super Slim liner in black and can be purchased here

Make Up For Ever- Smoky Lash mascara in rich black and can be purchased here

Rimmel- 1000 Kisses Stay On Lasting Lip liner in rose quartz  and can be purchased here

Rimmel- Lasting Finish by Kate in 17 and can be purchased here


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