new brush roll 5 (2)

With summer here and many of us packing up to head on vacation, I put together a DIY project to organize your makeup brushes. This brush roll is so easy to make, and is a fraction of what it costs to buy one. My favorite thing about this project is you can create it however you want! So put on your design hat, and get to work!


1 yard of any fabric of your choice

A glue gun and glue sticks

1/2 yard of any ribbon of your choice

1 zipper (optional)

1 fabric bow (optional)


1. Cut two 16X16(inch) pieces of your fabric .

2. Cut one 16×9(16 inches across X 9 inches high) piece of fabric

3. Place your two 16x16in.fabric squares with the pattern facing in.

4. Place a line of glue across the bottom of the square .You should be gluing the patterned part of your fabric together, with the blank side facing up.

5. Repeat this step up both of the sides


6. Wait until glue is dry, and flip right side out .It should look like a square pillow case with the top open.

new brush roll 1 (2)

7. Lay your square down flat and measure about 10 inches up from the bottom (enough space for your brushes to stand up)

8. Place straight pins right above this line to give yourself a point of reference

9. Open up your square so that you’re looking down inside, and place a line of glue right below the straight pins you just marked. This creates the flap that will cover your brushes.

10. To make a pocket out of the flap that covers the brushes, first measure the length of your zipper. (Measure a space long enough for the actual zipper, not the fabric surrounding it)

11. Mark the length, and cut one long straight line for your zipper.

12. You now should have a straight cut in the center of the flap. On each side of your cut, make two very small cuts at the ends. Make one on both the top and bottom fabric of where you’re putting the zipper. It just needs to be enough to fold the fabric over and get a finished seam. It should look like a long H.


new brush roll 2 (2)

13. Flip each edge on the top and bottom inward and glue.

14. Position your zipper inside the opening and glue finished edges to the fabric of the zipper.


new brush roll 3 (2)

15. Fold the final side of you square inward, and glue edges. At this time you should have a square with four finished sides and the upper portion in a pocket.

16. Gather your 16X9 piece of fabric from earlier and fold each of the four sides over and glue. You now have four finished edges.

17. Place (but do not glue) your 16X9 piece of fabric1 inch from the bottom of your square. It should be centered but 1/2 inch closer to the right side. This will account for the fabric used to create the brush pockets. See diagram below.


demo roll_1 (2)

18. Glue the left edge of your 16×9 piece to the bottom front of your square, where we previously positioned it.

19. Next grab a old pencil, or something that approximates the size of the brush slot you want to create. Fold the 16×9 piece over exposing the inside of the left edge you just glued. Now place your pencil flush with the glued edge.

20. Make a vertical line of glue down the fabric, just left of where you placed your pencil. Unfold fabric over the pencil and push into line of glue. Quickly slide out the pencil before glue dries. This creates a slot.

21. Continue across making as many brush slots as fabric will allow. I used the pencil with half of my fabric, and then used a empty lip gloss tube to create larger brush slots with the other half. Glue down left edge, and bottom.


new brush roll 4 (2)

22. Flip over so that the backside of brush roll is facing up. Take ribbon and glue in the center. I then used a silk bow to cover where I glued the ribbon down. Roll up and tie!

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below. Many safe summer travels!

And finally….




ballet flats (2)

DIY Tory Burch bow ballet flats

I recently saw a picture of these incredible Tory Burch ballet flats with stunning rhinestone bows. I absolutely fell in love with them,however the thought of dropping $250.00 on flats had me feeling less than amorous.  So instead, I decided to create my own . Here’s what you need to get started:

Materials :

A pair of plain ballet flats (mine were Mossimo for target and can be purchased here)

1/4 of a yard of Vinyl material (I purchased mine off the clearance table at Joann Fabrics but you can also get it here)

A hot glue gun and extra glue sticks( get one here)

Flat back rhinestones (available here)

Metal craft wire (available here)

A few straight pins -optional (available here)

a few small pieces of duct tape (available here)

An orange wood stick or something to make a hole with


Step 1: Cut two strips of fabric 2 ½ inches long X 1 ½ inches wide

Step 2: Pinch the center of the strip while wrapping the metal wire around several timesballet flats 1

Step 3: Cut  a thin piece of fabric for the center of the bow, long enough to cover the wire in the center approximately ½ inch X 1inch .You want to have enough extra when you wrap it around that you can glue it together.


Step 4: use your glue gun to glue the two end of the middle part of the bow together. Use a small straight pin to hold in place until it dries.ballet flats2

Step 5: use your glue gun to cover bow with rhinestones. You can glue them on anyway you want.

Step 6: Puncture two small holes about a ½ inch apart where you want the bow to sit. I recommend using a washable marker and doing it on both shoes to ensure they are even and where you want them first. To puncture the top of the shoes I rotated the pointed end of an orange wood stick until it made the holes.ballet flats 3

Step 7: you can attach these one of two ways: I took the same metal wire I used previously and looped it through the open part on the back of the bow and then just put one end through each hole and twisted on the inside, The only thing is you will need to flatten the wire flush on the inside of your shoe and then place some kind of tape (duck, electrical) so it doesn’t rub. Or you can do it easier by using a needle and thread and wrapping it around until you feel it is sturdy.

A few helpful tips:

Use an orangewood stick with some sticky tack on the end to help put the stones on before the hot glue dries.

When applying rhinestones work in very small sections so the glues doesn’t dry. You may also want to use a Popsicle stick to spread the glue out evenly.

After the middle piece of fabric is dry and you remove the pin, trim the excess fabric off to ensure it sits flat on your shoe.