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finished pastel leopard print nails

I was coming up short this week when deciding what design to do.  After two other failed attempts,  I went back to an old standby.  I was obsessed with the way these turned out. The picture really doesn’t do them justice, but suffice it to say these nails are eye catching.  The pastel colors in the background provide visual interest without overpowering the leopard print.  the best thing about this design is that it is virtually mistake proof.  If your interested on how I got this look, just keep reading.

Products used:

CND stickey basecoat

OPI topcoat

Wet n’ Wild white nail polish

Light pink acrylic paint

Light turquoise acrylic paint

Light purple acrylic paint

Jessie’s Girl nail polish in firefly

A detail brush

A fan brush

I started off by applying a base coat to protect my nails.  I then applied  one coat of white nail polish to all of my nails.  Next, I used a small fan brush to alternate different pastel colors over all my nails. I then used white nail polish to paint leopard print, varying the size and shape of the design.  Finally, I applied a sheer glitter polish for some added sparkle, and finished with topcoat to protect the design.  Try it out and let me know what you think!

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If you’ve skimmed nail art on Pinterest any time in the last 6 months you would of noticed it is dominated by feather designs.  Lately, I have been noticing feathers everywhere. On clothes and accessories, painted on nails,and even incorporated in makeup looks.  Here’s my take on this easy whimsical look, and how I got it.

finished feather nails

What I used:

-Baby pink polish ( I made my own, but any will do) If you are interested in how to mix your own nail polish colors leave a comment below.

-Black striper polish ( I used It’s So Easy Stripe Rite polish in black) available here

-Silver striper polish ( I used It’s So Easy Stripe Rite glitter polish in silver) available here

– Top coat ( I used OPI Top Coat ) available here

-Base coat( I used CND Stickey Base Coat) available here


I started off by applying a base coat to all of my fingers to protect my natural nails. I then applied the baby pink  nail polish to all of my nails. Next, I used the black striper polish to create a curved line for the spine of the feather. I then made small quick feathery strokes starting at the spine and flicking out and downwards. This will create the feather. Don’t worry about being too precise, the more irregular it looks ,the more realistic it turns out.  I continued the feather design on all of my nails except my index and ring fingers. Next, I used the silver glitter polish to outline the spine of the feather and over my entire nail on my ring finger. I added top coat to protect the design, and this dainty design is complete.


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So as of lately, I’ve been diving into the wonderful world of striping tape. I loved this design because it’s fast, easy, and anyone can do it. The picture really does not do it justice, the way the metallic striping tape shines next to the gold glitter polish is just oh so amazing. If your interested in how I got this look read on.

What I used:

Base coat


Black nail polish

Gold glitter polish

Gold striping tape

Cuticle scissors

To get started I primed my nails with my base coat. I then put two coats of black polish on all of my nails. Next, I used cuticle scissors to cut the striping tape to the length of my nail. You need to make sure the tape is not longer than you nail or it will pull up and peel off. Finish by filing in between the tape with your gold glitter polish, and topcoat!

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I’ve been obsessing over floral nails lately, and so with my polish in hand set out on a mission to conquer this current trend. If you love the look, and are interested in how I got it, read on.

floral and bow nail art

What I used:

Black nail polish

light pink acrylic paint

dark pink acrylic paint

light green acrylic paint

dark green acrylic paint

acrylic nails bows

nail glue

base and topcoat

a small detail paintbrush

I started by applying a base coat to my nails to prevent them from staining. Next, I applied two coats of black polish to all of my nails. I then painted circles on all of my fingers with the dark pink paint.  I also painted small oval shapes with the dark pink paint to fill in the gaps and create the rosebuds. I then used the light pink paint to draw small C-shapes in the middle of the roses, and to highlight the rosebuds. I then used the dark green paint to draw the leaves,and then highlighted the end with the light green paint. Topcoat your nails, and apply the bows using nail glue and your done!

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Palm tree nail art


To recreate this look you will need:

base coat

white nail polish

a cosmetic sponge

neon yellow polish

neon orange polish

neon pink polish

black nail polish

a striping brush



Apply your base coat, followed by your white nail polish. Allow to dry. Next, take your makeup sponge and apply all three neon colors from lightest to darkest. Dab the sponge over your nail. Reapply your neon polish to the sponge before each nail. Allow the polish to dry and then repeat this process.  After your polish is dry take you striping brush and black polish and feather the brush in the shape of palm leaves. I looked up images online, to get the shape down. Apply your topcoat, and your done. You now have nails as hot as a sunset!





NAILS OF THE WEEK: Pink Paradise





What I used:

Nina Ultra pro polish in pearly brights

Sally Hanson white nail polish in White on

OPI topcoat

Seche Vite base coat

It’s so easy Stripe Rite nail art striping polish in black

Get the look:

Start by painting on your base coat, followed by one coat of a white polish.Next, paint all your nails with a neon pink polish,and allow to dry.Finally, using a detail brush and black paint or polish paint small leaves and petals. The key to getting this right is to leave enough space in between the leaves. When drawing the leaves and petals ,you also want to let the brush to the work. Make the base of the leaves by applying more pressure,and slowly pulling upward as you decrease the amount of pressure. If you are having difficulty,try tracing you finger on a piece of paper and practicing within the outline. After your design is finished,topcoat and your done!

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NAILS OF THE WEEK: Leopard and Bows

nails 3 (2)

This week I really didn’t have much time to work on an elaborate design,so instead I went to an old standby. Leopard print is by far the easiest nail art to do,and is virtually fool proof. Read on to see how I did it.

nails2 (2)

What I used:

A mint colored polish

Brown acrylic paint

Orange acrylic paint

Orange acrylic bows

A detail brush

Nail glue


Paint all nails the mint colored polish.Then, using the brown acrylic paint make random clusters of spots on all your nails except your pointer finger.Next, use the orange acrylic paint to fill in the middle of the clusters.Topcoat your nails.Finally use nail glue to adhere your bow to your pointer finger.And voila! you have nails that are purr worthy.

And finally…




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