With summer in full bloom,I’ve been lusting for an array of dainty and whimsical floral patterns. If full on flower power is too much for you, go for a neutral palate and throw in one or two floral accessories to spice it up. My favorite way to wear this trend is by mixing floral prints with rough edgy pieces with studs,rugged denim,and rich leather.  If your bold enough to take this trend head on and try multiple floral prints , here’s a few tips on how to work these bountiful blossoms:

1. When mixing multiple floral prints,stay within the same color palate. This will give a more polished look,and prevent you from looking like you got dressed in the dark.

2.Mix small and large prints to emphasize your assets. If you want to down play your lower half,opt for a smaller print below your waist and a larger print up top, to put the focus where you want it.

3. Keep it simple. Don’t overwhelm your look by going too over the top,allow the print to be your statement piece. I like to follow the two big or three small rule when wearing patterns. Keep the print on no more than two large pieces(shirt,jacket,dress,handbag,or jeans)or three small pieces(jewelry,clutch,scarf,or shoes)and keep the rest of your look neutral.

4.Don’t wear the same print on top and bottom. A floral suit may look high fashion on the runway,but it looks like you raided your great aunts closet in real life.

Items pictured above :

1.French Terry Knit Floral pullover-$12.80 and can be purchased here.

2.Mossimo Supply Co.Blue Floral Backpack-$29.99 and can be purchased here.

3.Floral Peplum Skirt-$17.80 and can be purchased here

4.Gwen Combat Boots-$64.00 and can be purchased here

5.Baku Frill Front Swimsuit With Sierra Floral Print-190.06 and can be purchased here

6.Floral Heart Necklace-$2.80 and can be purchased here


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Beauty Bargain: Ten under $10

It seems as of lately there is a stunning transition of high end products creeping into the drugstore as cost effective counterparts. Here is my list of ten I can’t live without.

1. NYX-Above and Beyond Concealer ($5.00 at

nyx conceal






What I love: So wonderfully creamy and perfect for the odd spot, yet can work on dark circles in a pinch!

2. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder ($5.49 at

rimmle powder






What I love: It actually stays matte! My skin which in the summer doubles as a slip-n-slide, that’s no easy feat!

3. Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer ($6.39 at

maybelline dreamlumi






What I love: Use it to brighten and banish under eye circles and it doesn’t crease or add fine lines.

4. NYX Megashine lip glosses ($6.79 at

nyx lip gloss






What I love: It’s creamy and opaque, and they come in a range of gorgeous colors. These little wonders are an absolute dupe for Nars lip glosses, only they smell better!

5. Maybelline Define-a-brow ($4.55 at   

 maybelline brow





 What I love: It’s small and thin enough that you can actually get a natural looking result with a pencil. I use this interchangeably with my beloved lingering brow pencil from MAC.

 6. Revlon Photo Ready Concealer ($7.99 at

revlon photo ready concealer






What I love: Although it’s not as creamy as the one I previously mentioned from NYX, it has staying power like nobody’s buisness. So go on, and cover up a multitude of sins!

7. Wet-n-Wild Color Icon eye shadows ( trio $2.99 at

wet n wil trio






What I love: These beauties have a cult following, and with good reason! A highly pigmented, never flaky formula, and for $2.99 why not have them all?

8. Rimmel scandal eyes waterproof liner in nude ($4.49 at

rimmel nude liner






What I love: It’s a nude liner that works well, and it’s from the drug store! It gives a brightening effect to your peepers without looking as harsh as white.


9. Avon super shock mascara in black($9.50 at uper shock







What I love: This is my absolute favorite first coat mascara. It separates and adds a great thick base. I use it with a couple coats of Maybelline falsies mascara, and then I hit the tips of my lashes with Maybelline Illegal lengths for good measure. I realize this may be a bit extreme for the faint of heart, but when done right it complete eliminates the need to wear falsies.


10. L’Oreal Infallible eye shadow ($7.95 at



loreal eyeshadow




 What I love: These pressed pigment eye shadows rival some higher end brands like MAC. They are so pigmented, and blend like butter.



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