I’ve been obsessing over floral nails lately, and so with my polish in hand set out on a mission to conquer this current trend. If you love the look, and are interested in how I got it, read on.

floral and bow nail art

What I used:

Black nail polish

light pink acrylic paint

dark pink acrylic paint

light green acrylic paint

dark green acrylic paint

acrylic nails bows

nail glue

base and topcoat

a small detail paintbrush

I started by applying a base coat to my nails to prevent them from staining. Next, I applied two coats of black polish to all of my nails. I then painted circles on all of my fingers with the dark pink paint.  I also painted small oval shapes with the dark pink paint to fill in the gaps and create the rosebuds. I then used the light pink paint to draw small C-shapes in the middle of the roses, and to highlight the rosebuds. I then used the dark green paint to draw the leaves,and then highlighted the end with the light green paint. Topcoat your nails, and apply the bows using nail glue and your done!

And remember…..