If you’ve skimmed nail art on Pinterest any time in the last 6 months you would of noticed it is dominated by feather designs.  Lately, I have been noticing feathers everywhere. On clothes and accessories, painted on nails,and even incorporated in makeup looks.  Here’s my take on this easy whimsical look, and how I got it.

finished feather nails

What I used:

-Baby pink polish ( I made my own, but any will do) If you are interested in how to mix your own nail polish colors leave a comment below.

-Black striper polish ( I used It’s So Easy Stripe Rite polish in black) available here

-Silver striper polish ( I used It’s So Easy Stripe Rite glitter polish in silver) available here

– Top coat ( I used OPI Top Coat ) available here

-Base coat( I used CND Stickey Base Coat) available here


I started off by applying a base coat to all of my fingers to protect my natural nails. I then applied the baby pink  nail polish to all of my nails. Next, I used the black striper polish to create a curved line for the spine of the feather. I then made small quick feathery strokes starting at the spine and flicking out and downwards. This will create the feather. Don’t worry about being too precise, the more irregular it looks ,the more realistic it turns out.  I continued the feather design on all of my nails except my index and ring fingers. Next, I used the silver glitter polish to outline the spine of the feather and over my entire nail on my ring finger. I added top coat to protect the design, and this dainty design is complete.


As always….