finished pastel leopard print nails

I was coming up short this week when deciding what design to do.  After two other failed attempts,  I went back to an old standby.  I was obsessed with the way these turned out. The picture really doesn’t do them justice, but suffice it to say these nails are eye catching.  The pastel colors in the background provide visual interest without overpowering the leopard print.  the best thing about this design is that it is virtually mistake proof.  If your interested on how I got this look, just keep reading.

Products used:

CND stickey basecoat

OPI topcoat

Wet n’ Wild white nail polish

Light pink acrylic paint

Light turquoise acrylic paint

Light purple acrylic paint

Jessie’s Girl nail polish in firefly

A detail brush

A fan brush

I started off by applying a base coat to protect my nails.  I then applied  one coat of white nail polish to all of my nails.  Next, I used a small fan brush to alternate different pastel colors over all my nails. I then used white nail polish to paint leopard print, varying the size and shape of the design.  Finally, I applied a sheer glitter polish for some added sparkle, and finished with topcoat to protect the design.  Try it out and let me know what you think!

And as always….





nails 3 (2)

This week I really didn’t have much time to work on an elaborate design,so instead I went to an old standby. Leopard print is by far the easiest nail art to do,and is virtually fool proof. Read on to see how I did it.

nails2 (2)

What I used:

A mint colored polish

Brown acrylic paint

Orange acrylic paint

Orange acrylic bows

A detail brush

Nail glue


Paint all nails the mint colored polish.Then, using the brown acrylic paint make random clusters of spots on all your nails except your pointer finger.Next, use the orange acrylic paint to fill in the middle of the clusters.Topcoat your nails.Finally use nail glue to adhere your bow to your pointer finger.And voila! you have nails that are purr worthy.


And finally….